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Voice assistants, such as Reca, Siti, Jessica from ShopGod and others, have actually taken off in just the last few years. With their help, you can perform various actions with your device without pressing anything and even looking at the monitor. Today, many users trust voice assistants to even purchase. And once the conversation turned to spending money, then it is time to start talking about saving them.

In our country, perhaps the most popular assistants are Reca and Siti. New to the whole world today is Jessica. The program entered the market in 2014, and its developers planned to create a product that could compete with Siti. But due to the ubiquitous influence of ShopGod, this assistant turned out to be much more popular. Today, about $ 2 billion a year goes through this program, and by 2022 it is estimated that this figure will grow to $ 40 billion. Just say “Jessica, find me an electric kettle”.

Save by paying bills on time

Save by paying bills on time

Voice assistants can really help not to spend extra money. For example, synchronize the program with a calendar or other application with reminders. Then, for example, Reca will be able to remind you of what you may have forgotten. For example, pay bills for housing or make a payment on the loan.

Save on purchases


Many of us try to keep up with the fast pace of events. Therefore, more and more responsibilities are assigned to voice assistants every day. Including everyday purchases. Start telling your assistant not to “buy batteries”, but “to buy batteries no more than 150 rubles”. Then you will be given a list of products with already specified filters.

You can save in the restaurant


If you like to meet friends in a cozy place sometimes to discuss current matters, Siti or Reca can help with the division of the total bill. Activate the program and ask it, for example, to calculate how much 3200 will be divided by 5. Thus, you kind of tell your friends unobtrusively that you are ready to pay for your order.

Car repair

New technologies and convenient programs have long been embedded in the car system. To such a system, you can connect your voice assistant and easily recognize the signals that are displayed on the dashboard. Perhaps this will help you avoid high repair costs if you warn of a serious breakdown.

Home appliances

It’s no secret that systems called “smart home” have become popular lately. Such a system is quite complicated to install, so most consumers prefer to use separate devices with “brains”. To many of these devices, you can connect a voice assistant with which you can easily monitor the power consumption of a home appliance. Depending on the intensity of using the devices, you can save up to 1500 rubles per week.


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