Loan work: how to revive your attic?


You are more and more cramped in your house and do not know how to save space? If you have roof spaces, you are saved: it is easy to arrange them to transform them into a new room, or even several.

So when the family grows, whether you need an office space or a TV room, all you have to do is climb.

We give you some advice to make your attic a new living space and finance this work.

Learn about the condition of the attic and roof

Learn about the condition of the attic and roof

Before embarking on large-scale works, it is important to know whether it is possible or not to redevelop its attic.

Two criteria are essential: the roof slope must be more than 30% and there must be a height of 1.80 meters between the floor and the ceiling. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the structure: the layout will be more or less easy depending on its design.

An industrial framework will thus have to be modified in order to ensure that the attic is habitable. It is easy to finance this change by taking out a works loan.

A wooden frame will also require an in-depth examination to verify that there are no molds or brittleness. The quality of the roof should also be checked by a roofer to prevent water leaks.

Start the work

Start the work

Once the structure has been reviewed, it is almost time to start the work. Before that, you should know that the law obliges individuals to draw up a declaration of work if the surface which is about to be fitted out measures less than 40m2. And if it is larger, it is necessary to obtain a building permit.

Finally, you have to think about how you want to connect the attic with the rest of the accommodation and choose a staircase suited to the space. Access to the attic is however only possible once they have been fitted out.

Think about insulation

Think about insulation

Under a roof, heat and cold are felt much more than in the rest of the house. To avoid thermal shocks over the seasons, it is essential to have done the necessary work to properly insulate the attic. This is possible from inside – simpler and more economical – or from outside the accommodation.

Once the insulation is done, the easiest way is to connect the heating in the attic to that of the rest of the house.

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