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That if a quick loan, leave your car as collateral … The yesteryear has come out tough competitors for consumer rejoicing that now seeks, compares and chooses which option is most convenient for their plans or at least the hurts less.

However, we are all very busy already in the operation of fast loans, but how about getting cash and money from your car while still using it. It seems interesting, right? And to finish off the article, we will tell you a few more formulas – some very original – to get money with your car so that it starts to ‘make a living’ and stop bothering you with certain maintenance costs.

But let’s first address the issue of Good Lender

But let

which of course and at first sight sounds very good but now we better roll up our shirts to start analyzing the necessary conditions to request it and above all if we would like to join the client club that they continue to circulate with their cars bent on those who can get up to 10,000 euros of credit.

In the case of our loan comparator, we have Good Lender products on the payroll. Thus, in case of urgency of money they offer you the possibility of earning it as long as your vehicle does not exceed eight years of life or ten for high-end ones.

Therefore, it seems that the ‘green shoots’ added to the Government’s Pive plan help in the task of removing our motorized elderly, but we are still on the way.

How to apply and what do they offer?

How to apply and what do they offer?

Ok agreed. It seems that your car is not an old age yet and is in perfect condition, so you agree to see what Good Lender offers in return.

In fact, you can get up to 10,000 euros of credit with your car as a guarantee, but let’s see the requirements:

  • You can continue using your vehicle for commuting to work or whatever you want.
  • You will get the maximum appraisal for him
  • You will have your money in 24 hours
  • The nominal interest rate (TIN) will be applied: 40%
  • The maximum credit is € 10,000 which you must repay in a maximum term of up to 3 and a half years

In addition to not exceeding a certain age the car, we must bear in mind other obligations:

  • Technical data sheet and current ITV
  • Circulation Tax Paid
  • Lives in Peninsula or Balearic Islands
  • Age 20 to 76 years


Of course, once again, at Hans Brinker we put you in touch with the company. In fact, you only have to fill out a form indicating the characteristics of the car. After its valuation and if it is estimated, the money will be entered into the client within 24 hours. All with confidentiality.

Although you can also opt for the traditional methods of approaching some of their physical offices to attend you in person and take a look at your car in situ.

Thus, Good Lender, which is a natural company of the land of plants and fallas – yes, Valencia – has 23 offices distributed throughout the national map.

The company, which began its journey in 2001, offers complete information without any hesitation to answer all the questions that can assault the clientele.

Other ways to get money for your car

Other ways to get money for your car

However, your car can be an important source of income and not only can you consider Good Lender’s offer, but there are also other reefs with your vehicle in the equation.

– Advertising in the car: Have you thought about it? Yes, there are companies that offer money only if you add your car to its advertising cause. Surprised to the core? In this sense, many companies operate that make this deposit of possible income. For example, market moving offers between 100 and 300 euros per month to carry advertising in your car and even 350 maximum in case of being a van.

-Rent your car: In these times that everything is possible, even rent your car. Socialcar is dedicated to this, more than interesting way to get performance and, to top it off, with a simple procedure and backed by thousands of customers who have made this business prosper.

-Share your parking space: You can also take advantage of your car’s home; That’s it, your garage. The truth is that many flourishing companies have become more than bright and very practical businesses like aparcalia.


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