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Surely you remember your mother when you were little buying a piggy bank to save your own money little by little. Saving is very important but very few people do it, since it is more comfortable to spend all the money without planning anything.

If we give ourselves all the whims, at the end of the month, we will find our account at zero or worse, in red numbers and this is how at least expected moment, an emergency arises and we are surprised that we have nothing of money saved to get ahead.

If you do not want to throw your hands to your head when an unforeseen event arises, keep reading this post where we tell you some tips to save at home quickly.

Expenses with which you can save money without noticing

Expenses with which you can <a href=save money without noticing” />

Of all the expenses that we have every month or every year, in balance, surely you can find some that are unnecessary and reduce or eliminate them. When we are not accustomed to saving, identifying those useless expenses costs us much more, because that dynamic in which we usually live prevent us from seeing what we can get rid of.

One of our tips is to make a list dividing those expenses that bring you some happiness or benefit from those who don’t report anything to you but you are simply used to it. If you manage to be honest with yourself and identify that for example that drink you drink on Saturday night does not bring you any happiness, you will reduce your expenses a lot.

On the other hand, there are expenses that are unnecessary in themselves, you can do without them but you allow them because you are not aware of all the expenses involved. For example, giving gifts is often very satisfying, but when you need to reduce spending, it is something that can be dispensed with, your friends will understand.

But cooking at home and making a weekly or monthly purchase taking advantage of the offers you will get much more savings than the way you did it and so you can save for much more important things, such as buying a new house

Day to day saving techniques

Day to day saving techniques

1 Pay in cash instead of with card

One of the most effective saving techniques is to change the credit card for cash. Having physical contact with the money you pay on each purchase will make you aware of the expense and the money that goes into useless expenses. This way you will value more the offers and the general price of things.

2 Separate an amount each month in a box

Separating money directly when I received your salary is one of the best ways not to touch that money anymore. You can not trust to leave it in the account and not spend it because if you have it, you will surely spend it. This forces you to save a percentage every month.

3 Save just the same as you spend

If you intend to save the same as you spend, you will be able to save a significant amount and you may want to spend less. Also if you see that it is complicated, you may avoid spending, but you will be saving equally.

Write down what you spend

Write down what you spend

If every time you make an expense you write it down, you will be more aware of everything you spend and you can take stock of what you can do without each month. Many times we make small expenses that we don’t even remember, in fact the insignificant expenses are the ones that generate the most expenses and the ones that can help us save the most.

It is worth changing banks, since by changing your entity you can get advantageous conditions compared to your previous bank such as saving you management fees, paying less commissions etc.


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