Works loan: guide to choosing the right architect and financing

Since March 1, 2017, the use of an architect is compulsory for all works that require a building permit for a surface of 150m² (compared to 170m² previously).

“This measure will make the know-how of the architect better known to the public and thus democratize a profession that is now little known and wrongly perceived only for the benefit of affluent customers,” explains Archidvisor, a platform that allows to compare architects.

How to choose an architect?

How to choose an architect?

You can call upon an architect for a new construction, a renovation, the extension or the elevation of a housing or the interior refitting.

To choose your professional, and avoid unpleasant surprises, you can inquire with the National Council of the Order of Architects. The title of architect is indeed regulated. “To find out if a person is registered with the Order, you must consult the Table of the Order, which is updated daily,” specifies the Order of Architects.

The CNOA has just launched a site to help individuals find an architect: In a few clicks, after having specified the region and the project, the Internet user has access to a list of architects close to his home. A free service which brings together more than 3000 architectural agencies in France.

What rate for your work loan?

What rate for your work loan?

A work loan can allow you to finance this type of project without digging into your savings. The rate of the latter must be compared to obtain the best banking proposal. The architect’s remuneration is free and depends on the type of work carried out and the complexity of the operation.

According to our latest barometers, the work loan rates are 4.50% for an amount greater than 30,000 USD (average rate) and 2.92% for a minimum rate, over 96 months (8 years). For amounts greater than 75,000 USD, you will need to use a mortgage.

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